Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ATTITUDE Band by IGMC Review!

THANK you so much ATTITUDE and Iris at IGMC!

Our wedding this weekend was perfect and fabulous!

Everyone dance non-stop the entire night and all of my guests
were totally gefawed at how wonderful the singers in your band were!

I got compliments NON-STOP all night long and my guests asking me
where did I get that amazing band!!!

We are so happy with what you created for us at our party
and will call you again for our anniversaries.

Please keep us posted when you are playing out live in a club
or public place so we can be your fans and come to see you
and party with you again!

Thanks again for making our night so much fun and so special and please
thank all the musicians for a job well done!

Our best,

Carla & Jim Andersen

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